"OPPORTUNITY" Available 1/17/09!

TKP's new album is dying to meet you. This album is easy to love and is looking for a good home. It is sure to complete your life and make you smile everyday. To adopt the album into your life, visit TKP's store now.

-Coming Soon...
Things are busy at the TKP factory. Expect a new album soon, and a tour to prove it.

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-See you there...
#1 Keep checking the calendar for new shows
#2 Go to one of those shows
#3 Sing, dance, and get crazy.

Come see TKP in Portland 9/28/07!

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-Pandora Music Genome Project...
You can now create a "The Kirkpatrick Project" station on the popular pandora.com streaming music site. So... do it already!

-Download TKP on iTunes...
Opportunity and Here We Go are available on Apple iTunes! You can download individual songs or the entire album to your computer, ipod, etc... Check it out!

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