Two brothers, one project.  The Kirkpatrick Project.

Ryan of The Kirkpatrick Project

"The Kirkpatrick Project" (TKP) is the umbrella that covers the music careers of brothers Ryan Kirkpatrick (Fort Collins, CO) and Wes Kirkpatrick (Chicago, IL).  

TKP’s sophomore album “Opportunity” (2009) boasts
11 of the catchiest songs around. Acoustic hooks and memorable lyrics drive the album’s songs into your
head and to your heart.

Wes of The Kirkpatrick Project



As the year 2005 came to a close, The Kirkpatrick Project opened a new door with the release of their first studio album "Here We Go".  Wes and Ryan's uniquely different approach to song-writing has been a package deal on both of their studio releases, treating you to a catchy and smooth brotherly concoction.   Nathan Harper of Scene Magazine had this to say about TKP:

"The Kirkpatrick Project might describe themselves as folk rock, but that carries with it too many associations with angry long-hairs holding candlelight vigils for murdered union organizers. In truth the band, and their second album Opportunity, is better described as approachable, unapologetically friendly acoustic rock that seeks to connect on a level that everyone gets.

And what the hell is wrong with that? Nothing, as far as Wes and Ryan, the brothers Kirkpatrick, are concerned. Their decidedly different approaches to songwriting bring enough variety to the program to keep the album interesting, as the songs are spilt almost evenly between the brothers."

Ryan and Wes tour together as much as possible, but when geography interferes they offer their music independently in the form of live shows billed as "Wes Kirkpatrick" or "Ryan Kirkpatrick".  Harper goes on to say:

"When Ryan is singing and songwriting, we get a storyteller who spins tales of grannies in Amsterdam engaging in the local culture and getting bumped from a gig by that guy who played Kevin from “American Pie.” Wes approaches songwriting with a less topical, more emotional focus, and the album’s alternation between the concrete and the abstract give it a well-rounded lyrical texture.

A few times the group, who fleshes out their sound with a host of non-filial collaborators, approaches the doleful. We again see honest songwriting that connects, but one has the feeling that these two walk on the sunny side of the street more often than not. This is an ideal record to remind music fans that warmer days are on the way."

Along with brothers Ryan and Wes Kirkpatrick, “Opportunity” also boasts the work of multi-talented Andrew Berlin, who engineered and helped produce the album at The Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado. The songs come to life with the work of Peter Knudson on drums and Jason Hollar on bass. From the cleverly-pessimistic song My Future Ex-Girlfriend to the goose-bump raising cello and lyrics of Better Than Today, a “The Kirkpatrick Project” album will not fail to please. Pick one up and decide for yourself, and catch up with Wes and Ryan to hear it live.